Google for Education Exams are No Joke!

I love Google.  I really do!  So, with the encouragement of our Director of Educational Technology, I began the journey to become a Google Educator.  Not a Google Certified Teacher, mind you (though I recently mistakenly tweeted such), just a plain, old Google Educator.  You know, the one where you study five areas of Google, take an exam on each, and get a nifty certificate once you pass all five tests.

I was excited to begin, and, I’ll admit, a bit over-confident.  I’ve been using Google products for years, so what could there be that I didn’t already know?  I figured I’d chew these exams up and spit them out.  As it turns out, there is a lot I didn’t know.

I’m three tests in, and I’ve passed each of them, but not until I’d spent hours skimming and scanning the copious documents associated with each test.  And while I have spent more time than I anticipated on this task, I don’t regret a single minute.  I’ve learned so many new things about using Google Docs and Gmail and Google Calendar that I can’t wait to share with anyone who will listen; I feel more confident in my usage of these programs and in my ability to train others in the way of Google, and I’m starting to see new ways to use these programs in my classroom.

If you use any of the programs in Google’s suite, I highly recommend that you complete the Google Educator training.

It is never too late to learn something new!


One thought on “Google for Education Exams are No Joke!

  1. Getting the Google Educator Certification is intense, but I love getting the information and testing out new skills. Congrats to you on moving through the process so quickly!

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