Automator: Batch Resize Images on a Mac

Automator for Mac

Computers really are magic!  If you are a blogger or a facebooker or one who handles tons of images, this one’s for you!

At the end of this last school year,  a colleague of mine, Jessie, was promoted to an administrative position in another division. Congrats, Jessie!  Consequently, the middle school blog which she authored was left author-less.  Since every blog needs an author, I have been asked to be The Keeper of the Blog, a job that I happily accepted.

Fast forward a few weeks.  As I’m getting ready to draft my first blog post, complete with a photo show, I find myself needing to resize a dozen pictures.  Hm.  It seemed like it should be a simple enough task, but I was having trouble finding an effective way to do it that didn’t take too much time.  Jessie had suggested Pixlr, but I just couldn’t get the hang of it in under 30 seconds (the maximum amount of time I give to most things before I try to find something different…I know, I know…).

So, I did what I always do: I googled it.  After trying out two programs to no avail, I landed upon this magnificent page and met Automator.

Mac’s Automator tool allows you to set up a string of commands that it runs automatically once triggered, no coding required.  So, in under 30 seconds, I was able to create a script that automatically resizes any images I place into a particular folder and then spits out the resized images into another folder.  It handled a dozen images in fewer than ten seconds.  Magic.

There are several great tutorials on how to use Automator, but I am going to send you here: 3 Ways to Easily Batch Resize Images with Automator.  I liked this tutorial because the author gives you the choice of downloading the pre-made scripts or learning how to create it yourself.  (I created one myself because I like to learn how things work, but you may prefer the ready made scripts.)

Actions for Windows PC
Actions for Windows PC

Automator is a Mac only tool, but if you are a Windows user, you can use the Actions app to do the same thing.  Here is a tutorial for automating repetitive tasks on a Windows PC.